Classic Chinese Checkers Game for Free

Chinese checkers is a fun filled game. You need to think over some logic to win the game. At the start move your color ball to the space right next to it. Your objective is to move your entire color balls to the opposite side of the board. Plan your moves and get ready to win.

This Chinese Checker Game is a board game which can be played by two to six players. to play chinese checkers game, the player starts with a different colored set of marbles placed into a point of the star. The aim of the game is to manipulate your marbles across the board to occupy the star point directly opposite. The one who gets all the marbles across first is the winner. The player can move in any direction but only one marble at a time.

The game originated in Germany in 1892. The name Chinese Checkers came into being as marketing scheme by Bill and Jack Pressman in 1928. online chinese checkers game became very popular too.

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